S.C. CADEROM S.R.L. operates since 2002 and in 2006 founded the Medical Imaging Center MEDIMAGE. It was a major investment, center being equipped with ultramodern machines, including the first Aperto-Hitachi MRI Scanner in Galati County.
Services offered by the MEDIMAGE center consist in the investigation and diagnosis by magnetic resonance imaging, computed tomography and digital radiology at different levels, including all organs of human anatomy:
  • cerebral – brain tumors, especially those very small, inflammatory disorders, stroke, vascular diseases, tumor processes of posterior fossa, degenerative diseases, angiography, complications of HIV infection, congenital malformations, hydrocephalus, paranasal sinus disease, orbit and eyeball examinations.
  • spine – spine trauma, disc herniation, tumors, spinal and intrarahidian metastases, spinal cord disorders, ankylosing spondilitys, lymphomas, angiography of cervical vessels, brachial plexus.
  • osteoarticular – ligament, synovial, tendon injuries, primitive or secondary bone tumors, osteonecrosis, osteochonditis, inflammatory and degenerative rheumatism.
  • pelvis – uterine disorders, uterine and annex tumors, prostate diseases.
  • soft tissues – for all types of diseases.
  • bone radiography – gastrointestinal graphy, barium enema, urography, standard and multislice CT, the vascular system.
The latest generation equipment allows precise examination and, as result, the highest quality images of organs under investigation are obtained. Also, the minimum degree of X-rays exposure in the case of CT scans or digital radiology is not to be neglected. The professionalism of doctors and assistants, the quality of investigations results, the appointment system and the comfort offered while waiting – all these ensure the quality of medical act.
Articles and reports published or broadcasted over time in the local media testify to the good reputation gained by the Medical Imaging Center MEDIMAGE.

For information and appointments - Medimage Clinic: 0336 105510, 0236 491104;
e-mail: medimage_gl@yahoo.com