The metal waste is collected for recycling without raising problems, because the pathway: generator (economic agents and individuals) - collector - processor - recycler is already created. There are enough units in Romania involved in metal recycling, both ferrous and nonferrous, which can absorb the entire quantity of potentially collectable scrap metal.
In the case of ferrous scrap, interest in recycling activity is directly influenced by the demand for steel and the price of scrap, which is lower than that of iron ore.
In addition to raw material savings by using scrap instead of ore to produce steel, the energy and water consumption, as well as pollution are significantly reduced.
Throughout the world, but also in Romania, there is a strong tendency to extend the electric steelmaking process - which is exclusively based on scrap.
In Romania the main sources of scrap metal are: from production activities, from maintenance and repair activities, from machineries and equipments dismemberment, from individuals.
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We buy scrap metal of any category. Prices are negotiated directly.
We provide transportation for those who request it.
We are interested in purchasing large quantities of scrap. Also we buy scrap iron from individuals.


We sell scrap metal (any category and in any quantity), providing waste processing and transportation.